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    300 Petronia Street, Key West, FL 33040

    (305) 440 2240


    5 to 10 pm, Monday to Friday

    3 to 10pm Saturday & Sunday


    Happy Hour until 6 pm

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  • Le Marché d'Abigail

    Monday 20th of February

    Monday 27th of March

    Tuesday 25th of April



    Abigail will travel up the keys and surrounding south Florida areas

    to source the most seasonal and local produce and seafood,

    designing menus based on of-the-moment ingredients.


    4 courses
    $30 wine pairing

    Seated is limited, call to book at 305.998.9559

    Full refund for cancellation up to 24 hours in advance

  • A Wine Bistro with dramatic wines to drink!

    By the bottle or by the glass, natural wines are sincere!

    Natural wine respect man and nature

    Producing natural wines is a commitment

    We believe in a greener world, with good food and good wine. For us, A good wine is clean first, but what does it mean?


    Some of these criteria are generally accepted by most natural wine growers and producers :


    - Organically and/or biodynamically grown grapes - Dry-farmed, ("de rulo" in Chile), low-yielding vineyards - Hand-picked

    - No added sugars (chaptalization) or foreign yeasts or foreign bacteria - No adjustments for acidity - Not any additives for color, mouth-feel, minerality... - No external flavor additives, including those derived from new oak barrels, staves, chips, or liquid extract - Low to no fining or filtration - No heavy manipulation, such as micro-oxygenation, reverse osmosis, spinning cone, cryoextraction - Low to no added sulphites as known as sulfites - no BS, no fast-food marketing, no green-washing!

    Does Organic taste better?

    (external resource in pdf to read to understand the cons but also the numerous pros about what is a dramatic and sincere taste, what can be a quality, what can be a default, in natural wines made from organic grapes)

  • MENU

    A passion, an obsession ? Whatever, Bon Appétit !

    Wine Bistro Menu
    (4 to 10:00 pm)

    BITES $6 to $9

    Deviled Eggs Classic French eggs

    Roasted bone marrow with garlic toast, one or two

    Stuffed avocado with almonds, pickled red onions, smoked salmon & house-made mayonnaise

    Key West Pinks ceviche

    Italian canapé with pesto & pepper spread, spicy coppa, Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months aged


    GRILLED CHEESE $10 to $11

    Brie-bacon-chocolate ganache, raspberries, almonds & blueberry-apple jam

    Murcia al vino cheese, lomo (cured pork loin), peppers, hot sauce

    Farmer's goat cheese with walnuts, apple & honey


    VIV PLATES $8 to $36

    DuckDuckgo Salad with potato, walnuts, shallots, duck leg confit, duck rillettes, duck breast

    French Sausage (like in Toulouse) made in-house from our secret recipe, with a bowl of fennel & apples

    Mix salad, roasted cherries tomatoes & peppers, avocado & pear

    Boeuf Bourguignon, Florida free-range beef stew marinated with red wine and vegetables

    Lamb carpaccio with arugula, Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months aged, capers


    JULIE’S MELTED CHEESE $17 to $22​

    Whole baked camembert with honey, walnuts & roasted apples, served with French baguette

    Traditional raclette served with pickles and potatoes



    .....served with pickles, nuts, house-made green tomato jam, and bread

    French cow: 3 French cow's milk cheeses

    Crazy goat: 3 goat's milk cheeses

    Sheep all the way: 3 sheep's milk cheeses

    ViVa España: 2 Spanish kinds of cheese, chorizo, lomo, Iberico de Bellota, pan con tomata

    Ménage à Trois: 2 French kinds of cheese, 1 blue cheese, housemade pâté or rillettes, saucisson, cured duck breast

    The Godfather: 3 Italian kinds of cheese, Violino Di Capra, Proscuitto Di Parma, Coppa Picante

    Make your own, enjoy & relax: pick your own selection or tell us more about your mood, we will customize a board for you (+1 305 517 6799)


    OH SWEETS $5 to $15

    French Hug: chocolate fondue with berries and bananas

    Old fashioned: French vanilla ice cream, spicy candied walnuts, local honey & Laurent Cazottes sweet wine

    Crêpe Suzette: THE Famous Crêpes is born before in 1900. The Grand Marnier is the twist, since1880 in France and in the rest of the world...

    Port gourmand: 1 glass of port with Crêpe Suzette, English custard fresh fruit bowl, French vanilla ice cream


    COFFEES $3 to $5

    Espresso or Cappuccino


    We can accommodate gluten-free options and some more diet restrictions, call us first for more: +1 305 517 6799 after 4 pm and before 10 pm every day

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    300 Petronia Street, Key West FL 33040
    12 pm to 10 pm
    +1 305 440 2240
  • About ViV, and "Vivez Joyeux"

    Since 2015, straight from France to Key West, she decided to embark on the adventure, the passion to eat well and drink well did the rest. After a rich experience in discovering authentic regional products in France and Europe, artisanal cheeses, and sincere wines without conventional chemistry, she decided to bring her expertise in selecting good wines and good French recipes, more or less traditional, to Key West. This slightly delirious paradise is the natural melting pot of Florida, and finally, of all old Europe, Latin America... In 2016, we decided to open our new gem: "Vivez Joyeux", then we renamed it, ViV Wine & Cheese bar and now ViV Wine Bistro, because

    "wine + food + bar = bistro".

    Though, of course, our fine selection of wines is influenced by all the producers of natural wines available in the United States, a chance to discover in Key West an eclectic selection of exquisite bottles from the world, produced by winemakers respectful of humanity, nature, and biodiversity.

    Enjoy and share together!

    Stay Safe, Drink Natural.

    The ViV Team