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    Abondance cheese Beaufort style



    Abondance is a semi-hard, fragrant, raw-milk cheese made in the Haute-Savoie department of France from a small commune called Abondance. A round of Abondance weighs approximately 22 lb, and its shape and aroma are similar to a Beaufort cheese. Try it with an Entre-Deux-Mers white wine. A famous fresh and juicy Bordeaux or more generous with a White Bordeaux from Graves.

    Brie de Meaux


    The Brie de Meaux is a French cheese of the Brie region and a deignated Appellation product since 1980 from the town of Meaux. Rich and creamy cheese with an edible rind. It's a soft and delicate smelllly cheese for sensitive guys... and white Burgundy. A Riesling can be another hit. Some Chianti could be fun too



    The Spanish famous cheese from Asturias made with 1 to 3 milk from whatever was on hand... Cabrales can taste intensely funky and rich, with a bit of spiciness in so much mold! Ths cheese gets its flavor from nature, so you could pair it with natural white wine, a Pouilly Fuissé for instance!



    Cambozola is a German triple cream blue cheese made from cow’s milk in the region of Allgäu. This cheese is like a blue Brie. Never pungent, the Cambozola is moist and rich, between a Camebert and a Gorgonzola with a nutty discrete flavor. Pair it with Italian Amarena cherries and find a way to Nirvana!

    THE Camembert


    Say CHEESE, say "​ka.mɑ̃.bɛʁ". The only one and maybe the cheese of your life... depending on its age...

    The genuine cmembert is unpasteurized from Normandie. Many "modern" cheesemakers, however, use pasteurized milk for US reasons...Pair it with an Organic Raw Cider, Poiré or Calvados?



    A semi-hard to hard cheese produced in Auvergne. This gem is one of the oldest cheese in France and dates back to the Gauls. The Cantal as a tangy butter taste and grows with age. Three vareties: Young for 1-2 months, Golden for 2-6 months, Old >6 months. Try an old merlot, find your way to Cantal... (Try a cabernet with it)



    Chabichou du Poitou is a very white and smooth French cheese with a fine caprine odor. Immature Chabichou of Poitou can be enjoyed with a sauvignon. More mature Chabichou is better witha Red Wine from the Loire or a Pineau des Charentes.

    Condor's Ruin


    Made in the milking season only, this bloomy ash-ripened pyramid from Georgia is based on the Loire Valley classic cheese "Valençay". Extra young but deliciously complex, this iece of happiness will ask you a white Bordeaux: Grave Pessac Léognan?

    Crottin de Campcol


    Crottin de Champcol is the pasteurized Crottin e Chavignol from the Loire Valley of France. This creamy soft little cheese is subtle and slightly nutty when young, to a stronger flavor with a arder brown rind. A Sancerre is perfect with this true must have cheese!



    The Epoisse is from Burgundy - France. It's a soft orange color smear-ripened cheese washed in marc de Bourgogne. It takes at lest 6 weeks to mature fully. Despite its "delicate" smell, the cheese has a spicy, sweet and salty flavor. It goes well with a Bourgogne Blanc (Saint Aubin, Corton) or a Dry Riesling from Alsace.

    Fourme d'Ambert


    One of the elegant blue stars from Auvergne in France. This Magically creamy and smooth with a mild typical flavor of "pénicillium roqueforti" cheese is a gift for a young Port, a Quart de Chaume or Côteaux du Layon... Bring it at room temperature, uncork a Pinot Gris from Oregon or California and "Let There Be Rock !"

    Garrotxa Cheese


    This revival Catalan goat's cheese is traditionally aged in caves to enhance blue and grey mold development and the resulting specific earthy flavor. Let's understand this Sanish cheese with country bread, fruits and any kind of nuts. A fine still Xarel.lo from the same region is just the perfect pairing!

    Gouda fenugreek


    The authentic old-world recipe of Gouda is made in Wisconsin by Marieke® with a fine fresh rBGH free cows milk of the day. The fenugreek seed inside gives to this Gouda a nice interesting nutty flavor, to pair with a delicate red wine like a Beaujolais, a Red Loire, or a Bourgogne? Some specialists recommend a young Chianti!

    Humboldt Fog


    This wonderful masterpiece Cheese is made in California. This Morbier like is a mold-ripened Cheese with a central line of edible white ash.

    La Tur


    If you look for something spreadable on a French baguette for breakfast and not too stinky, we offered up this buttery, bloomy rind little Italian Cheese. Its creamy consistency with a little bit of tang must warm up to room temperature before tasting to don't lose the flavor. A Muscadet de Sevre et Maine sur lie or a Chenin should be perfect on this gem.



    The Spanish Queso Manchego has a specific tire pattern on its non-edible rind. It's 60 days to 2 years cheese, with a firm compact consistency and a buttery texture. It leaves a characteristic distinctive aftertaste of sheep's milk. This nontalkative cheese pairs with silence, a Fino or a salty mineral white?

    Mt Tam


    A lush, heavy butterfat cheese from California. One of the two best American creameries produces a triple soft creamy cheese. The finest cheese available in Key West is a remarkable brilliant gem. Pair with a dry white Sancerre to balance its humungous generosity...



    La Mimolette ou Boule de Lilles is a French traditional cheese in the Edam style from the Netherlands. The annatto gives it another nutty flavor and this particular orange color. Young to extra old, the Mimolette is a terrific, unique cheese. Some types of red wine go well with it. What about a Cabernet Franc?



    There is only one Neufchâtel cheese and only one heart too! This North and West French cheese as a long history (1035 ?), an edible rind, and a strong character when older. The ideal companion on a cheese dessert board will need a cider, a Calvados or a great white Burgundy to talk like a king!

    Ossau Iraty


    This south-western cheese of France is from Béarn and Pays Basque. This uncooked masculine cheese made through pressing is smooth with a grassy-sweet flavor, creamy texture but firm. You should try a Languedoc or grand Bordeaux, especially on this cheese.



    IL RE DEI FORMAGGI de Italia Emilia-Romagna !!!

    To be nibbled in small bits in any case of emergency, pleasure, recipe, for almost 700 years... From 18 to 30 months old, there is always a Parmegiano that will please you. A white Italian wine with it? A Trebianno d'Abbruzzo or a Famous Italian Sparkling maybe!



    Another French cheese from Normandie, near Deauville... This uncooked-unpressed cheese is a smooth-soft-creamy pale square, with a fine texture on a fine pungent aroma. Its rind is washed and of course, edible. Try it with a "Blanc de Blanc" from Champagne !!!

    Reblochon Cheese


    It is a whole raw milk cheese made from uncooked pressed cow and washed crust from Savoie in France. Its crust is yellow-orange, covered with a fine "white moss" testifying to a good maturing in a fresh cave. After 6 to 8 weeks, you expect a long and complex hazelnut taste. A Pinot Noir from the Loire could be your best friends or a Jaquère from Apremont with this gift of the gods.

    Red Hawk


    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious orange American Cheese. Ineffable subtle strong delicate creamy smooth long smelly cheese, to pair with raspberries, good friends some fine smooth jazz and an old Corton Charlemagne? A Montrachet?

    Roquefort Coulet


    You should know what a Roquefort is and from which little country. This one received gold medals in Paris since 1872! This pure artisanal Roquefort cheese sits enthroned on the plates of the fine cheese shops and wins the unanimous support of the good cheesemongers. Why not a sweet Chenin, a Barsac, a Sauterne, Montbazillac, a Muscat from Corse?

    Saint Nectaire


    Non-industrial raw French cheese, made in the grassy volcanic Auvergne region of central France. You will find a fabulous one in Moulins! This wheel of fine delicate cheese can be enjoyed in tarts, pies, buns, or on a board with its companions and a white Saint-Pourçain? (Chardonnay and Tressalier)

    The Shropshire as a blue


    Shropshire Blue cheese has a strong and sharp flavor, similar to other Blue cheeses such as Stilton and Cheshire, but creamier. There is a sour, yeasty bite contained within a rich, mellowing taste, accompanied by a tangy aroma. Suitable for picky vegetarians and Port drinkers!

    La Tête de Moine

    COOOOW ( In Swiss language)

    Tête de Moine is a Swiss protected appellation designating a cheese made from raw and whole cow's milk.

    This cheese is unique in the world by its consumption mode in the form of roses obtained using a tool: The "Chanterelle". Try a Mâcon on this, it's just plain, full, intense and eternal...

    Tomino del Bergamino

    CAW ( In Italian)

    Little Italian Formaggio from Piemonte. Circle flat smooth and fresh product, to cook with, to taste on a tartine with veggies, sprout, and spices. You should try a Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie, then, try a Tomino, then a Muscadet...again...

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